These are the stories that help start off the series and give you a glimpse into the worlds and adventures they provide.

Tour of Duty Afghanistan - Lieutenant Morgan Fox is shot down in his Black Hawk helicopter. Desperate to get back into the air, he joins a search for a fellow pilot. He fights against an officer looking in the wrong place and has to use his uncanny intuition to discover where the other pilot really is... before she and her team die in the arid, desolate and very rough mountains of Northern Afghanistan.

Delphus - Rite of Passage - He is always failing. How can he use his connection to the planet and the magic his mentor taught him to complete his Rite of Passage to adult-hood and not get eaten by the Snow Ape tearing through the wall of his ice cave high up on a desolate mountain side. It has a surprising ending he... and you... won't expect.

Cren Siblis - Slaver Planet - She is a human slave on an alien planet. They want to breed her for more slaves. What's a girl to do? Run, run now and kill anything in her way! See what she does to avoid capture and how she escapes her owner.