Hi there. I'm Jon Thomas Skye, better known to my friends as JT.

I've loved to read and write science fiction and action adventure stories for many years. I wrote my first story in the early-2000's on an IBM Selectric typewriter of all things - you remember those days when you pressed hard on the character key, it swung up and smacked a carbon ribbon onto the paper leaving a visible character on the page, one letter at a time. Wow, have things changed!

I am passionate about mainstream SciFi Opera, Military Sci Fi, Fantasy and Action Adventure, but always with a twist. I always want to throw a curve to make it interesting and unusual while staying true to the genre and readers - my goal is to have readers think and smile, exhausted from the adventure.

I also strive to weave in my personal experiences into the story when I can, whether from travels, climbing, making stuff or creative exploits. Every day, I get up early to write. It is an amazing and wonderful journey.

My wife and I are very fortunate to live in the gorgeous Willamette Valley in Oregon.

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